FAQ: Weekend Assembly

Q:  Is there smoking on campus? 

A:  YES! Behind the cafeteria building. 

Q:  Is the camp fire meeting accessible for those unable to walk to the area? 

A:  YES! 

Q:  Is the scenery appealing? 

A:  YES! Very.  There are walking trails, and beautiful serene areas to sit with a lovely view of the lake. 

Q:  Will there be food options that are available for those with food allergies, such as gluten free? 

A:  YES! 

Q:  Why is there a service charge for paying online with card? 

A:  This fee is from the card processing provider. 

Q:  Are there private bathrooms / showers? 

A:  YES! 

Q:  What are the sizes of the beds? 

A:  The single room has ONE Full size bed; the double room has TWO twin size beds. 

Q:  What are the times that meals will be served? 

A:  Breakfast will be at 8am, Lunch will be at noon, Dinner will be at 5pm.  Friday will be a pizza party! 

Q:  Can I feed the wildlife? 

A:  No. Sorry.